Dengie Hundred Pool League
AGM & Resistrations The AGM & Registrations for the 2019/2020 Winter league will take place on September 9th at the Blackwater Bar in Mayland starting at 8pm. See AGM page for the agenda Winter League starts on Oct 7th Summer League 2019 The draw is now on the Summer League page. The Winter League rules will apply. Captains to vote on adopting the new rules for the 2019/2020 Winter season: Rule 4C - to use the baulk line instead of the D. Rule 6B - after a foul, the cue ball can be picked up and played from behind the baulk line instead of where the cue ball stops. refer to ( Each team will provide a referee from their team alternately for the games during the evening. A person could referee more than one game in an evening.           The referee’s decision is final. If a player elects to play the cue ball from baulk after a foul then the referee should carefully pick up the cue ball and hand it to the player.                    The Facebook page (below) can also be used as a discussion page. 1783934715161143/ :