Dengie Hundred Pool League
AC Cup
The Andy Cater Cup is an Annual Knockout Tournament open to all teams from both divisions that have played in that years Winter Leagues, there is no Division seperation, so its an all on all knockout tournament based on whoever you are drawn against. The format is a standard knockout format and the matches are drawn from a hat for Round 1, thereafter, each team plays a home and away match - the team drawn first plays at home first. The combined points tally defines whether that team wins and progresses to the next round. Note: There is no Captains game for these matches. IN THE EVENT OF A DRAW AFTER BOTH HOME AND AWAY MATCHES HAVE BEEN PLAYED, i.e. 9-9, THEN THE CAPTAINS WILL PLAY A DECIDING GAME. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CAPTAIN SHOULD BE THE REGULAR CAPTAIN, BUT, IF THE REGULAR CAPTAIN IS UNAVAILABLE ON THE EVENING OF THE MATCH, THEN EACH TEAM SHOULD HAVE NOMINATED WHO IS THE STAND-IN CAPTAIN AT THE “BEGINNING” OF THE EVENING, AND NOT AT THE POINT WHERE A DECIDER NEEDS TO BE PLAYED.
DHPL @ 2015
Congratulations to: Con Club B - AC cup winners 2019