Dengie Hundred Pool League
Singles & Doubles
PLEASE NOTE: HOME PLAYER OR PAIR SHOULD CONTACT AWAY PLAYER OR PAIR TO ARRANGE MATCH TXT TIM on 07957 294404  for Contact Details of your Opponents. The Fees / PRIZES: Fees are put into the prize funds and divided between the Winner and the Runner/Runners Up in a 70/30 Split, less the cost of the individual trophies: Singles Entry Fee £3 Doubles Entry Fee £5 (per Pair) The format: is a standard knockout format and the matches are drawn from a hat for Each Round, each player plays their match against the name first drawn out, i.e. Player 1 name is drawn 1st then Player 2 drawn, so the match would be played at the venue of Player 1, the winners names are then re- drawn for the next round. Matches are Best of 7 Games. Fixtures: The dates you play are at your discretion to arrange with your drawn opponents, they do not have to be on a Monday, they do however have to be played by a certain date at each round, these dates will be clearly shown below.
DHPL @ 2015
2019/2020 Singles & Doubles