Dengie Hundred Pool League
AGM 2016
DHPL @ 2015
Minutes from 2017 DHPL AGM Held at Blackwater Bar on Monday September 4 th  starting at 8pm Organising committee It was agreed to continue with Tim, Roger & Ben Use of Scorecards It was agreed to continue using scorecards. 8 ball clearances will only be counted on scorecards that are signed by both captains. Rule clarification/changes 8 ball clearances definition – a player pots all of their balls and the black in one visit (which does include 2 shots). It is not where the other player is left will all of their balls on the table at the end of the game. Rescheduling of games is not allowed. A team must play on the scheduled date even if they don’t have enough players. It was agreed to keep this rule. Accounts Income was £400 from team subscriptions. Trophies and engraving cost £525, web site running cost will be around £100, which will reduce the league funds to around £670. Dates and venues for the Singles and Doubles finals will be chosen before the competition starts. If any captain/landlord wants to volunteer a location, that would be welcome, otherwise Tim, Roger & Ben will select the best location. Games can start at 8pm, but no later than 8.30. The order of play can be flexible if a player has not arrived when they are due to play.
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