The minutes of the AGM are now available HERE WINTER FIXTURES ARE now available HERE WINTER STANDINGS ARE now available HERE WINTER STANDINGS 2022 - 2023 ARE HERE (New Archive Page) CATER CUP FIXTURES ARE (Coming Soon) A POLITE REMINDER THERE SHOULD BE NO COACHING FROM THE SIDELINES, THIS INCLUDES LOUD INTER-TEAM DISCUSSIONS AS TO SHOTS THAT COULD BE PLAYED AND WHERE IT CAN BE OVERHEARD BY THE PLAYERS AT THE TABLE HOWEVER UNINTENTIONAL. THE BLACK BALL POCKET MUST BE NOMINATED, AND THE NOINATION ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE OPPOSING PLAYER/TEAM. THANK YOU TO NAVIGATE ON A SMARTPHONE, TABLET OR TOUCHSCREEN COMPUTER, YOU CAN ALSO SWIPE RIGHT AND LEFT BETWEEN PAGES AS WELL AS THE MENU TOP LEFT CORNER. A WhatsAPP Group has been setup for the Captains, and this will be where we ask that you post your results weekly, if for any reason you are unable to post your results via WhatsAPP, please notify the commitee and they will advise on alternative methods. By posting the results via WhatsAPP, Captains will be able to see any mistakes and report / resolve more easily. Remember, mistakes do happen, so please be polite when raising it to the attention of the opposing Captain and allow them to correct as required, if there is disagreement over a reported result, please notify the committee and they will deal with it accordingly and as normal.
@ DHPL 2023